essic and events

this page shows events i’ve either planned or been a part of. :)

play or party AKA P.O.P. was a whimsical event! we wanted to give the guests a space to play and connect with the inner child. we came up with games, slime, things to color, and connect in a tactile way.

this was my last event before the pandemic and i was so happy to be able to share it community in this way.

PLAY or PARTY: P.O.P 2020

this was a skill share to raise funds for people in my community to raise funds for my P.O.P. event.

i was able to teach about 10 people some basic sewing skills and many walked out with a scrunchy or a bag.


this was my first music performance ever. was really thrilled to have this opportunity.

been craving performing ever since.

texas caviar was my first benefit show. it was a joy to be a part of and had a great team to work with. this is a glimpse of what we did.

rituals was the first show i showcased my visual talents. i projected a disjointed story on the screen and danced with my friends.

no extra photos for these events but wanted to say I was there! both shows had installations and zines by me. and i helped to plan cherished days.

sourpuss (2017) is my first and most cherished event. i planned this event on my own with the help of the showcasing artists. everyone was so supportive and i think had a really lovely time.