art + zines

I was asked to be apart of this adjunct printed by risograph. It was put together by friends isabel boutiette and ryan mangione.

I took this opportunity working with risograph printing to play with color and texture. the narrative of my piece reflects on childhood. I wanted to use playful imagery to show the contrast with the depth of the words.

cycling back to a time where i was more sure of myself but those around me were uncomfortable with what that was.

to a time where im more free on the day to day but have trouble truly expressing simple desires.

adjunct 2019

Commenting on an idea that artist sale the junk of the mind much like the junk in a garage. The spread may contain intimate, even rich parts, but parts happy to be rid off, but not without a price.

This piece took many forms, but in the fullest form it was like this: All three banners hang and below were variously priced personal items.(a lock of neon orange hair, a broken polaroid camera, a toy race car). All things willing to let go of for the right price.

Garage Sale 2018

snug zine was made with saturation in mind. i was getting the hang of printing at home and understanding how simple elements come together to form a complex whole.

I used transparent pages so the color shined thru no matter the shadows i was expressing or going thru in the words.

this zine felt ambitious for me and I wished to have more time to think and execute it.but the idea of snug zine is something i want to continue and revisit eventually.

snug zine 2018

the yellow zine was a happy challenge. I was getting much more comfortable with my poetic abilities. This was also my first time doing screen printing at home in my small apartment.

a happy challenge in content as well. at this time i was reflecting on being intentional and finding joy through the mundane moments.

Each page has some more robust screen printing elements than the pink zine. it also contains a little bit more content.

yellow zine, 2017

this piece was done from wood and screen printing. i was feeling thank for each of the things my parents taught me.

my mother symbolized by lilac taught me grace and beauty.

my father symbolized by grapefruit taught me patience can be bittersweet.

my self symbolized by a vial of glitter taught me i can bring my authentic self to anything

Great Golden Baby 2015

fruit, swirl, distance was partially xeroxed and partially screen printed (note the pink ink). not all pages pictured.

this zine was about my tender first love that commenced entirely through the internet and the postal service. this zine became my graceful ending

this was the first zine i made. it was such a joy to make and i remember a teacher fondly telling me zines were my bread and butter. to this day zines are something i feel very confident in making.

fruit, swirl, distance 2015

random doodles and process